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Researchers Develop A Method To Convert Plastic Waste Into Valuable Soil Additive

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Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste

Researchers have created a new method to turn plastic waste into a valuable soil additive known as char, a passable form of charcoal where a single gram can cover 400 square meters.

The char scrubs carbon from the environment, can help in water retention, and also fertilize the soil as it breaks down naturally. The char can potentially be used to enhance soil water retention and aeration on agricultural land. The experimenters emphasize that more studies are needed to substantiate the utility of the char in agriculture. The new study builds on earlier analysis where scientists invented a method to turn biomass residue into activated carbon for filtering water.

The corresponding author of the paper, Kandis Leslie Abdul-Aziz says, “It could be a very useful biochar because it is a very high surface area material. So, if we just stop at the char and not make it in that turn into activated carbon, I think there are a lot of useful ways that we can utilise it.”

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