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Rescuers Save Dog After Four Days In Earthquake – Turkey

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In the act of kindness and love, rescue workers pulled a dog named ‘Pamuk’ out of the rubble after the devastating earthquakes in Ankara and Syria in Turkey’s Hatay days.

Footage of the rescue of the dog from the rubble has been widely shared on social media and is now winning hearts. According to an eyewitness, the dog is being cared for by the owner’s neighbors as the owner continues to be hospitalized in Mersin, 200 km west of ─░skenderun. He toured Adiyaman province on Friday and said search and rescue operations would continue until no one is trapped in ruins.

Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar Assad slammed the Western countries for politicizing the country’s humanitarian crisis. He said, “The West has no humanitarianism; therefore, politicizing the situation in Syria is something they would naturally do.”

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