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Reports: Five People Were Killed In A Ukrainian Strike On A Bus In Russia-Occupied Kherson

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According to the Russian, the Ukrainian military shelled a bus on Friday in the Kherson region of southern Ukraine under Russian control, causing at least five deaths and as many wounded. Russian-imposed local authorities said that the incident took place when the bus was carrying passengers across a bridge near the settlement of Darivka.

Videos published by the Russian military news agency Zvezda showed the burned-out remnants of what seemed to be a bus’s chassis, as well as a vehicle that was behind it and had smoke pouring out of its front compartment.

According to a Telegram channel managed by the Russian-installed health authority, ambulance staff “promptly arrived at the scene and gave emergency medical care to the victims.” The about 100-meter-long Daryivskiy bridge is one of the few Russian-controlled bridges over the Inhulets River, a tributary of the massive Dnipro.

The bridge, which connects two Russian-occupied regions of the area and is barely 20 kilometers (12 miles) northeast of Kherson city, is crucial from a strategic perspective. It has been bombarded at least twice, and Ukrainian troops claimed to have made it unusable in August.

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