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Report: Two Billion Tonnes Of Global Carbon Dioxide Are Removed Annually

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Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide

Over two billion tonnes of carbon dioxide are removed from the atmosphere each year, according to an independent report released on Thursday by the University of Oxford. Still, despite increasing prices of new technology, trees mainly do this.

The report is the first to evaluate the amount of CO2 decrease the world has completed and the amount still needed.  To keep temperatures below two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, as mandated by the Paris Agreement, it is calculated that by 2050, 1,300 times more carbon dioxide removal through new technologies and double as much from trees and earth will be required.

“CO2 removal is rapidly moving up agendas,” said report co-author Steve Smith, a weather scientist at the University of Oxford who spoke to Reuters. But he said that despite growing interested and investment, “there are major gaps in information.”

Until now, practically all efficient CO2 removal has been accomplished through soil improvement and tree planting. 

Although most nations do not now plan to employ CO2 removal to achieve their 2030 short-term climate goals, many see it as an integral element of their 2050 net-zero method.

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