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Report: Florida Man Abuses, Plucks Feathers From Threatened Bird Species

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A guy from Palm Beach, Florida, has been accused of assaulting a bird that is one of the state’s endangered species. The man was detained and brought to the Palm Beach County Jail following the incident. According to the Florida Wildlife Conservation (FWC), a man named Michael Bochicchio of Palm Beach County was seen pursuing a Sandhill Crane along Military Trail in Jupiter. According to local witnesses, Mr. Bochicchio reportedly grabbed the bird’s neck and began pulling its feathers.

The witnesses did everything they could to keep Mr. Bochicchio from chasing the bird. According to one of the eyewitnesses, he asked them whether they wanted to retain the feathers by holding them up to their faces. The Sandhill Crane is an endangered species in Florida. Touching or taking any parts from vulnerable or endangered animals is prohibited in Florida, according to the FWC. Mr. Bochicchio has been charged with a $1,000 bail deposit for the criminal charges leveled against him. Because of the bail terms, he is now prohibited from returning to the location of the event.

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