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Report: At Least 10 Killed, 8 Others Injured in Blast Outside Military Airport In Kabul

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Military Airport

Military Airport

According to the Taliban Interior Ministry spokesperson, an explosion that shook the Kabul military airport on Sunday left over ten people dead and eight more critically injured.

On Sunday, there was an explosion near the entrance to a military airfield in the Afghan capital. According to Abdul Nafi Takor, a spokesman for the interior ministry, the reason for the explosion at the gate of the building near Kabul’s international airport was not immediately known.

“A number of our compatriots have been martyred and wounded in the blast,” Takor said. Since taking power once more in August 2021, the Taliban administration asserts that security has improved; however, there have been a great number of bombings and other attacks, many of which have been blamed on the local branch of the Islamic State group.

When gunmen assaulted a Kabul hotel popular with Chinese business executives last month, at least five Chinese nationals suffered injuries. IS made a claim for the attack.

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