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Remains Of Last Tasmanian Tiger Finds In Cupboard After 85 Years

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According to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, the last known Tasmanian tiger’s remains, which were thought to have been lost for 85 years, were discovered buried in a museum cupboard in Australia. According to the Gallery, the last known thylacine died on September 7, 1936, in the Beaumaris Zoo on the Queen’s Domain in Hobart.

When the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery lost sight of the remains, they were assumed to have been discarded. According to recent research published by the Gallery, they were always at the museum, kept but not properly cataloged.

Dr. Paddle, a comparative psychologist from the Australian Catholic University said, “The thylacine only lived for a few months and, when it died, its body was transferred to TMAG.” He continued, “For years, many museum curators and researchers searched for its remains without success, as no thylacine material dating from 1936 had been recorded in the zoological collection, and so it was assumed its body had been discarded.”

However, he and one of the museum’s curators discovered an unpublished taxidermist’s report, prompting an examination of the museum’s assets. The missing female specimen was located in a cabinet in the museum’s education division.

“It is bittersweet that the mystery surrounding the remains of the last thylacine has been solved, and that it has been discovered to be part of TMAG’s collection,” said TMAG director Mary Mulcahy.

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