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Reddit Now Allows Users To Muffle Subreddits

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Most Reddit users join more sub-Reddits than they can manage, which makes them irritated by the notifications. However, the platform’s most recent innovation, which allows users to silence sub-Reddits they don’t like, comes to the aid of such users. After the user blocking feature was released, this capability was first hinted at in Reddit threads. Reddit made callbacks to these posts while announcing community muting in a post on r/reddit, helping unaware users make the connection. You can still participate in a community’s activities even if you want to silence them. You will have the ability to read posts and leave comments on them. The total number of communities that a user can mute is however limited. Note that you can mute up to 1,000 communities, and as many as you’d want each day, within that cap, according to the post.

Users of Android devices will first get access to this feature, then those with iOS devices. The website would then receive this update after that. In addition, Reddit has urged users to contact the platform’s support team if they encounter any content that could harm the platform and its users.

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