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Red Alert In China As Drought Dries Up Country’s Biggest Lake

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China Drought

China Drought

The central Chinese area of Jiangxi has declared a water supply “red alert” for the first time as a drought dried up much of the water in the country’s biggest lake. The government said on Friday that water levels in Poyang Lake, usually a flood outlet for the Yangtze.

River had decreased during the previous three months from 19.43 metres to 7.1 metres. Given the lack of rain, the Jiangxi Water Monitoring Center predicted that the level would drop much further over the next few days. The amount of precipitation since July has decreased by 60% from a year ago, it continued. Up to 267 meteorological stations in China recorded record high temperatures in August, and the Yangtze river basin has experienced a protracted dry spell that has affected crop growth and hydropower output in the run-up to this season’s harvest.

While much of southwest China has experienced relief from the drought thanks to significant rain, Jiangxi has now experienced severely dry weather for more than 70 days. State weather forecasters have stated that measures were needed to seed clouds and redirect water from other locations because drought conditions continued to exist in the middle and lower portions of the Yangtze, China’s longest river.

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