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Rahul Gandhi: “PM Modi Will Do His Best To Avoid Adani’s Issue In Parliament”

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Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

Congress had openly started its offensive against the Modi government for Adani’s issue, and Rahul Gandhi is waiting for the discussion in Parliament. There is always a reason for that, and all know that. There should be a discussion about this issue, and the truth behind it should come out. The corruption of lakhs and crores which is taking place should come out. Everyone in the country should know the power behind this. He said, “For several years, I have been talking about the government and ‘Hum do, Humare do.’ The government does not want and is scared of a discussion in Parliament on Adani ji. The government should allow a discussion in Parliament, and there will be attempts to avoid it.” 

Congress is accusing that the issue involves crores and lakhs of rupees of ordinary people’s investment in Adani’s group, whose investments have been beating on the stock markets since the allegations of “Financial Malpractice and stock manipulation.” The Congress and the other opposition parties have suspended proceeding in both houses of parliament  demanding the debate on the issue.

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