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Qatar World Cup: Germany Coach Reacted To FIFA’s Ban On Players Wearing A ‘OneLove’ Armband

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Qatar World Cup

Qatar World Cup

#FIFA’s decision to ban players from wearing a “#OneLove” armband at the #World Cup has been met with opposition from #Germany coach #Hansi Flick. Speaking to the media on November 22, the day before Germany’s match against Japan, Flick said his team had intended to wear the armbands to support LGBT rights, but there had not been enough time to coordinate with the other nations due to FIFA’s hasty decision to outlaw them before England’s match against Iran on November 21.

The federations of England, Wales, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark claimed on Monday that FIFA had put them under pressure and threatened to send any player sporting the multicolored armband to the sidelines with a yellow card. “The team is quite upset and startled that something like this is not permitted because it is just a statement for human rights and diversity, and those are also the principles that we as a team embody and represent,” the squad said. At a press conference, Flick talked.

While players had no part in Qatar receiving the tournament 12 years ago, Germany midfielder Joshua Kimmich said he still wanted to be able to take in the action. Following FIFA’s decision, the DFB earlier stated that it was now considering all of its options.

In face of the humiliating decision by one of the biggest grocery chains in the nation to sever its commercial connections over the matter, it should be highlighted that the German football federation wants to take FIFA to court over its ban on OneLove rainbow armbands. The German Football Association (DFB) also stated that “severe blackmail” was used against the soccer federations who intended to wear the “OneLove” armbands, ultimately preventing them from carrying out the gesture.

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