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PVR and INOX: Stocks crash after poor reviews of Brahmastra

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The big-budget Bollywood movie Brahmastra Part One: Shiva was released today with poor reviews from film critics, and  It is Made with an big budget of ₹410 crore, Brahmastra released today with much less than expected advance booking. The movie was poorly reviewed by critics. The movie also receive some favourable reviews from some critics, the stars given to it. The online reviewers said that VFX and CGI in the movie are good, the story is poor According to estimates, PVR and INOX, lost over ₹800 crore in market today.

The stocks had started to gain in recent days, but they crashed today, coinciding with the release of Brahmastra. The PVR stock, reached a high of around ₹2,200 in the August, had opened at ₹1,942 today at the NSE. But soon after the reviews of the Brahmastra started to get negative reviews, the stock crashed and reached ₹1,829, falling by 5%.  INOX also reached a high in the first week of August same as PVR and had opened at ₹522 at the NSE today. But today fell almost 5% and reach ₹490 . It seems that graphs of both PVR and INOX share prices show exactly the same pattern.

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