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Punjabi Singer & Actor Deep Sidhu died in car crash

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            The Sonipat Police discovered a bottle of booze in Deep Sidhu’s ill-fated automobile, which was involved in a collision late Tuesday. Deep Sidhu, a Punjabi singer and actor who was accused of inciting violence at the Red Fort during the farmer’s demonstrations last year, was killed in an accident near the KMP Kharkhoda toll in Sonipat.

Around 9:30 p.m., the event happened near Kharkhoda. Police are now looking for the driver of the 22-tyre truck that crashed with their automobile.

The autopsy was place early Wednesday morning. His remains were then given to his relatives to be cremated.

Rahul Sharma, the SP of Sonipat, stated: “We are re-investigating the accident scene. We also discovered a half-empty bottle of whiskey in Deep Sidhu’s vehicle. It appears to be an instance of careless driving. A lawsuit has been filed against the owner and the driver (who has yet to be identified) of the truck involved in the collision”, he said.

Deep was joined by a non-resident Indian (NRI) acquaintance, Reena Rai, who was in the vehicle with him at the time. She is being questioned by police. Deep’s NRI buddy arrived in India from America on January 13, according to the police. Both had been staying at Gurugram’s Oberoi Hotel. They used the KMP route from the Badli toll plaza after leaving Gurugram about 7:30 p.m.

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