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Protesters Pour Black Liquid into Gustav Klimt’s Painting in the Vienna Museum

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Vienna Museum

Vienna Museum

As a way of protesting, it has been a regular practice for environmental activists to attack works of art, and on Tuesday, a similar incident happened in #Vienna, the capital of #Austria. Authorities claim that the “Last Generation” group of German and Austrian climate activists poured a dark liquid over the famous Gustav Klimt painting “Death and Life” at Vienna’s Leopold Museum.

Museum spokesperson Klaus Pokorny stated to the media that “restorers are working to determine whether the painting protected by glass has been damaged.”

After pouring the liquid on the painting, the protesters made their way into the museum in various groups while yelling slogans. “Stop fossil destruction. We’re racing towards climate hell.”

Before sending it for more analysis, the authorities described the liquid that was thrown on the painting as “black and oily.” An employee of the museum made the two attackers into custody, and according to the authorities, the painting was undamaged in the attack.

The Guggenheim in New York, the Louvre in Paris, and the Uffizi in Florence were just a few of the institutions that have been the target of attacks by climate activists in the previous.

Climate activists have in the past thrown mashed potatoes at a Monet painting and poured soup at paintings by Vincent van Gogh in London and Rome. Two demonstrators chanted slogans about climate issues while clinging to a Francisco Goya painting in Madrid.

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