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Pope Francis Visits Bahrain: “Delicate Precipice” Hanging Over The World

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pope Francis

pope Francis

During a tour intended to bridge the divide between faiths, #Pope Francis warned Friday that the world is perched on the brink of a “delicate precipice” and being buffeted by “winds of violence.”

The 85-year-old Argentine condemned the opposing blocs of the East and the West, making a covert allusion to the conflict surrounding Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. His remarks were made to religious leaders during a speech he gave at the Bahrain Forum for Dialogue in the small Gulf nation.

“We continue to find ourselves on the brink of a delicate precipice and we do not want to fall,” he told an audience including Bahrain’s king and Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb, the grand imam of Cairo’s prestigious Al-Azhar mosque, a centre of Sunni learning.

“A few potentates are caught up in a resolute struggle for partisan interests, reviving obsolete rhetoric, redesigning spheres of influence and opposing blocs,” he added. We seem to be watching a dramatic and youthful scene: in the garden of humanity, we are playing with fire, missiles, and bombs rather than tending our surroundings. As the war in Ukraine enters its ninth month and tensions rise on the Korean peninsula and in the Taiwan Strait, the pope’s visit coincides with these developments.

Prior to the pope’s address, Cardinal Pietro Parolin of the Vatican, who met with Sergei Lavrov of Russia’s foreign ministry in September, said journalists that there had been “a few faint indicators” of progress in talks with Moscow. The pursuit of peace is a good thing. It’s crucial that we complete them together and without utilising them for further purposes. The pope, who has persistent knee issues and uses a wheelchair and a walking stick, was scheduled to meet with the Muslim Council of Elders later.

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