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Pollution kills more people than covid-19

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According to a UN environmental analysis, pollution by nations and corporations is responsible for more deaths globally than Covid-19. According to data aggregator Worldometer, the coronavirus epidemic has killed over 5.9 million people. Pesticides, plastics, and electronic waste, according to the research, cause widespread human rights violations and at least 9 million premature deaths each year, and the matter is widely ignored. The UN Human Rights Council, which has deemed a clean environment a human right, will hear it next month. Environmental dangers have been considered the greatest global rights challenge by UN Secretary-General Michelle Bachelet, and a growing number of climate and environmental justice lawsuits are successfully using human rights.
“Current approaches to managing the risks posed by pollution and toxic substances are clearly failing, resulting in widespread violations of the right to a clean, healthy and sustainable environment,” the report’s author, UN Special Rapporteur David Boyd, concluded.

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