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Police said a 26-year-old IIT Bombay student committed suicide

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A 26-year-old Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, student died after reportedly jumping off his hostel’s rooftop. The event occurred at 4.30 a.m. on Monday, when he went to take his life, according to authorities. He was transported to Rajawadi Hospital by IIT authorities and other students, where he was confirmed dead. According to the authorities, the dead left a suicide note on his room’s white board, claiming that no one was to blame for his death. ‘We have learned that he has been receiving therapy from a psychiatrist for the last three months,’ says the officer.

A report of accidental death has been filed by Powai police at IIT-Bombay. A postmortem was performed, and the remains were returned to the student’s family. ‘A very terrible occurrence occurred at IIT Bombay this morning, and we have lost a second-year Masters student,’ said the PRO, although IIT Bombay did not publish an official comment.

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