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PM Modi Speaks With Zelensky And Offers To Mediate In Peace Talks

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PM Modi

PM Modi

Tuesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi conversation by phone with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to express his country’s willingness to support any efforts to bring about a resolution to the Russia-Ukraine issue. According to government sources, PM Modi reaffirmed his calls for an early end to hostilities and the need to continue the road of discussion and diplomacy and said that there can be no military solution to the issue.

At the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation Summit, Modi had earlier told Russian President Vladimir Putin that the current circumstances did not warrant war owing to, among other things, the global food shortfall.

According to further reports, Modi emphasized the significance India places on the security and safety of nuclear sites, particularly those in Ukraine. He emphasized that putting nuclear plants in jeopardy might have devastating effects on the environment and public health.

India had voted against last week’s UNSC resolution that sought to censure Russia. Even while India has advocated for the cessation of hostilities, it hasn’t been willing to back efforts by the West to extradite Russia to the International Criminal Court.

India has provided humanitarian supplies to Ukraine and described a crucial market for Russian goods that the West has sanctioned, such as coal and oil.

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