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PM Modi Announces Budget 2023 Steps To Empower Middle Class

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PM Modi

PM Modi

After Indian Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman tabled India’s Union Budget 2023-24 in Parliament on Wednesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said it would lay a strong foundation for a developed India.

“First budget of Amrit Kaal will build a strong foundation for building a developed India. This budget will fulfil dreams of aspirational society, including poor people, middle-class people, farmers,” PM Modi said.

He said a “growth-oriented budget” would revitalize India’s growth trajectory. For the first time, schemes related to artisans who work with their hands for the nation have been included in the budget.

“Those toiling traditionally through their hands for the country, ‘Vishvakarma,’ are the creators of this country. For the first time scheme related to training & support for ‘Vishvakarma’ has been brought in the budget,” the prime minister added.

“Government has taken several steps to make the lives of women, in rural & urban areas, easy. Women’s self-help groups will further enhance them. Special savings scheme will be started empowering women in households,” the prime minister stated.

PM Modi said, “Middle class is a big force to fulfil dreams of prosperous, developed India. Our government has taken several steps to empower the middle class and ensure ease of living. We have reduced tax-rate & have given relief accordingly.”

The Prime Minister highlighted that the announcement to invest Rs 10 lakh crore in infrastructure would boost new energy and accelerate its growth. “Unprecedented investment of Rs 10 lakh crore in infrastructure will give speed and new energy to development,” the prime minister said.

“Budget will make co-operatives pivot of development of the rural economy. The success of digital payments has to be replicated in the agriculture sector, in Union Budget we have brought a scheme for digital agriculture infrastructure,” the prime minister said.

“Budget 2023-24 will fulfil dreams of aspirational society, farmers, and middle class. This budget is for a sustainable future further encouraging green energy, green growth, green infrastructure, and green jobs. We have focused on technology & new economy in the budget,” he added. 

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