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Phosphorus Is Abundant In Enceladus, According To Research

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According to modeling, phosphorous, a component required for life as we know it on Earth, is abundant in the deep ocean of Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Despite not being designed for it, the Cassini spacecraft analyzed samples of Enceladus’ deep ocean as it cruised by geysers erupting from the ice world’s surface. Scientists were unaware that Enceladus had such geysers when the spacecraft was being designed. The plumes contain all of the necessary components for life. Phosphates, or phosphorus, are required for the creation of DNA and RNA, as well as energy-carrying molecules, cell membranes, bones, and teeth.

According to the co-author of the paper Christopher Glein, Enceladus is one of the key targets in humanity’s search for life in our Solar System. The discoveries made possible by the data obtained by NASA’s Cassini probe have left us in awe time and again since it explored the Saturn system.

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