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Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla earned a total compensation package of $24.3 million for 2021

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            Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla earned a total remuneration package of $24.3 million for 2021, a 15% rise over the previous year, as the company’s full-year earnings more than quadrupled due to the successful introduction of its Covid vaccination.

Bourla received a $8 million cash bonus on top of his $1.69 million salary. He also got $13.2 million in shares and options, as well as $1.38 million in other incentives.

Bourla’s entire stock holdings, which comprise about 597,000 shares, are valued at more than $32 million as of Thursday’s closing price of $54.24. If the firm is sold and he quits his position, he is also entitled to a golden parachute worth almost $113 million as of Dec. 31.

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