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Petrol and Diesel prices increased after a 137-day pause; LPG prices increased by Rs 50

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            The Indian Oil Corporation announced on Monday that petrol and diesel prices will rise beginning today (March 22). Petrol and diesel prices would rise by 80 paise, following 137 days of no change in fuel costs.

Petrol costs Rs 96.21 per litre in the national capital of Delhi, while diesel costs Rs 87.47 per litre. Petrol in Mumbai will now cost Rs 110.82 per litre, while diesel will cost Rs 95 per litre, as a result of the price increase.

Petrol and diesel rates in Kolkata are currently Rs 105.51 and Rs 90.62 per litre, respectively, and Rs 102.16 and Rs 92.19 per litre in Chennai.

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