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Passengers pull coaches away from the Saharanpur-Delhi train after the engine catches fire.

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On Saturday, March 5, 2022, flames rise after a fire broke out in the Saharanpur-Delhi passenger train at Meerut’s Daurala railway station. On Saturday, a fire broke out in the engine and two compartments of a train travelling from Saharanpur to Delhi. In a crowd-captured video, passengers join hands with railway staff to quickly help pull the remaining bogies away from the engine, which was also on fire. The fire started in the train as it left Saharanpur for Delhi at 5.30 a.m. When the train arrived in Daurala, about 90 kilometres from its destination in Delhi, smoke could be seen rising from a compartment. Two coaches were engulfed in flames by the time the train arrived at Daurala station at 7.10 a.m., Meerut City Railway Station Superintendent R P Sharma told news agency PTI. He stated that the passengers aboard these coaches had been safely evacuated. There were no injuries. A fire usually causes panic, but the passengers on this train remained calm and worked together to prevent a major disaster. The passengers, many of whom were carrying backpacks, dragged the remaining coaches of the train away from the burning section, while plumes of smoke rose in the background. On social media, a video of the incident has gone viral. Sharma stated that the cause of the fire is being investigated. There have been no reports of any passengers losing their lives or property. The fire briefly disrupted rail traffic, he said.

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