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Passenger Lights Up Cigarette On Plane, Accidentally Sets Toilet On Fire

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We are all aware that smoking is prohibited on airplanes everywhere since it might have harmful effects. However, an impatient customer who couldn’t wait for his flight to land attempted to have a quick smoke inside the restroom and ended up setting the toilet on fire. This was done with complete contempt for safety regulations.

On a Friday El Al aircraft from Tel Aviv to Bangkok, the unidentified Israeli passenger was involved in the incident. The smoke alarm that was installed in the plane’s bathroom sounded as he lit up. The passenger dropped his still-smoldering cigarette into a trash can after hearing the alarm go off, and the tissue and other trash inside caught fire right away.

“The flight continued as scheduled and landed safely at Bangkok Airport. The passenger was warned and the issue was passed on for further examination in our legal department,” El Al representatives told the outlet.

Interesting fact: Smoking was permitted on airplanes up until the 1980s. Today, the majority of states and almost all international airlines forbid smoking in aircraft. A cigarette was accidentally placed into the toilet’s trash can, which caught fire, killing 123 passengers on Varig Flight 820 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in a tragic incident that occurred in 1973.

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