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Pakistan asserts A missile fired from India landed in Pakistani territory.

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The Pakistani military has reported that an Indian rocket has landed on Pakistani territory. According to Sputnik News Agency, the missile was fired near the city of Sirsa in the Indian state of Haryana and was spotted by the Pakistani air force near Mian Channu in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

“A high-speed flying object was detected within Indian territory by the Pakistan Air Force’s air defense operations centre at 6:43 p.m. (13:43 GMT). From its original route, the object abruptly changed course and entered Pakistani airspace, eventually passing close to me at Mian Channu around 6:50 p.m. (13:50 GMT) “According to the Russian news agency, a representative for the Pakistani military forces was speaking at a briefing. India, on the other hand, has yet to reply to Pakistan’s assertions.

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