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Over 1,500 Detained Following Brazil Riots As Forces Clear Protest Camps

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Brazilian security powers have detained over 1,500 people in Brasilia interested in storming critical buildings in the capital over the weekend. President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva condemned “acts of terrorism” and promised to get those accountable to justice. Lula indicted the rioters of trying to overthrow democracy and asked why the army had not prevented calls for a military coup beyond their barracks.

Hundreds of soldiers and police powers removed protest camps outside Brasilia’s army headquarters. Around 3,000 supporters of ex-president Jair Bolsonaro had set up tents that were used as a base for the protesters to storm the presidential palace, Congress, and Supreme Court for around four hours Sunday.

“The three powers of the republic, the defenders of democracy and the constitution, reject the terrorist acts and criminal, coup-mongering vandalism that occurred,” they said in a joint statement.

US officials said that Lula has even been invited to meet US President Joe Biden next month in Washington. Meanwhile, Bolsonaro, who flew to the United States days before his term in office ended, was hospitalized in Orlando on Monday, complaining of abdominal aches. It was connected to a stabbing he tolerated during the 2018 election campaign. His doctor said he had an intestinal backup that was not heavy and would likely not need surgery.

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