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On Tik Tok And Ex-Twitter, Meta Employees Share Layoff Experiences

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Meta Employees

Meta Employees

Former employees from businesses like Meta Platforms Inc. and Twitter Inc. use TikTok to give an unbiased look at the events leading up to the tech industry’s latest round of mass layoffs. Over 500,000 people have watched and 80,000 people have liked a video in which a person claiming to be an ex-Twitter employee asks viewers to “get ready with me to see if I got laid off from my job.” Get ready with me (#GRWM) is a popular TikTok trend where users request followers to help them prepare for work, a night out, or a first date by getting ready with them. Other recent recordings are real and emotional; they start shortly after the news breaks. 

The videos, which range in tone from funny to moving, all question the shame and quiet that are frequently present after someone loses their job. Those that write claim it’s assisting them in networking for the following opportunity, commiserating with others who have gone through similar experiences, and coping with the event.

After receiving a pink slip, Daizha Brown, who was a member of a marketing team that promoted Facebook’s small business services, posted on TikTok immediately. She described her reaction to receiving the email informing her of her termination as “stunned like I can’t believe it came to my inbox,” in an interview. With a series of “day in the life post-layoff” films, Brown, a Seattle native, is now using the platform to chronicle her journey to whatever comes next.

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