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On Thursday, NASA’s Artemis 1 moon rocket will make its public debut

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            Washington, DC, March 15th According to NASA officials, the Artemis 1 moon rocket will make its public debut on March 17.

On Thursday, the Space Launch System and the Orion spacecraft will be transported from the Vehicle Assembly Building to the launch pad at Florida’s Kennedy Space Centre in a 12-hour journey.

“On March 17, the integrated Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft will roll out to Launch Pad 39B at NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida”, the agency stated in a statement.

According to NASA, a 4-mile rollout will take place between the Vehicle Assembly Building and the launch pad. NASA, or anybody else, will transport humans to the moon’s surface for the first time since the agency’s final Apollo mission in 1972. Artemis 1 will be the first of NASA’s Artemis missions, which will put humans on the moon as part of a long-term aim of establishing a permanent lunar presence.

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