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On November 14, 2022, India Celebrated Children’s Day. Why?

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Children's Day

Children's Day

To celebrate #Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first #Prime Minister, birth anniversary, the nation observes Children’s Day on November 14. It is the 133rd birthday of Indian leader Pandit Nehru, who was born in Allahabad on this day in 1889.

Children’s Day was observed on November 20, which the UN recognized as World Children’s Day, just before Nehru died away. But after Pandit Nehru passed away in 1964, the date of November 14 was selected to mark his birth anniversary. The day is also known as Bal Diwas throughout the nation.

Nehru famously said, “The children of today will make the India of tomorrow.” He believed that children were the nation’s true strength and its future. The destiny of the country will be determined by how we raise them.

Nehru was referred to as “Chacha Nehru” frequently. Schools and other educational institutions will commemorate the day with a variety of instructive and inspirational activities, including athletic competitions and knowledge-testing events.

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