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On Halloween, the Scariest Thing on Your Driveway is Parked

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Millions of kids in the United States will be #trick-or-treating on #Halloween while dressed in costumes, as is customary. As is customary, parents will worry about the mostly fictitious risks that youngsters may encounter. Once upon a time, apples contained razor blades; this year, sweets contains rainbow fentanyl. The risk that #American children face on this most holy of evenings comes from vehicles, not from anxieties that youngsters will receive treats that have been laced with drugs.

This is due to the fact that Halloween is the day of the year when pedestrians under the age of 18 are three times more likely to be hit by an automobile and killed. According to a 2019 study published in JAMA Pediatrics, that risk increases to 10 times more likely for kids between the ages of 4 and 8.

According to Lois Lee, a professor of paediatrics and emergency medicine at Harvard Medical School, “you’re going to have increasing numbers of kids, especially younger kids who are out on the streets.”

At the same time, there are adults behind the wheel, and this year, Monday will see an increase in people driving home from work. Children in costumes may be dressed in darker attire, making them harder to spot.

This is supported by a 2019 JAMA Pediatrics study that notes that Halloween “may heighten pedestrian traffic risk due to celebrations occurring at dusk, masks restricting peripheral vision, costumes limiting visibility, street-crossing safety being neglected, and some partygoers being impaired by alcohol.” A enjoyable event may become a fatal nightmare due to this hazardous combo. All pedestrians, including adults, were 43 percent more likely to die on Halloween than on an average evening.

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