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Omicron variant: Kerala has 51,570 new Covid Cases and 14 Fatalities in the last 24 hours

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Kerala reported 51,570 fresh cases on Sunday, bringing the total number of infected persons to 59, 83,515. The state health agency recorded 14 coronavirus-related fatalities in the previous 24 hours, bringing the total fatality to 53,666.

According to a health department press release, the state analysed 1, 03,366 samples in the previous 24 hours. Kerala had registered 50,812 cases as of Saturday. The state had documented 55,475 cases on January 25, the greatest single-day increase in infection count since the pandemic’s breakout in 2020.

Ernakulam reported the most cases with 9,704 cases, followed by Thrissur with 7,289 and Thiruvananthapuram with 5,746. There are now 3, 54,595 active COVID-19 cases in the state, with just 3.4% admitted to hospitals, the health agency stated in a release.

177 of those identified as sick arrived in the state from outside, while 47,778 were affected through their contacts. The origins of infection for 3,178 people have yet to be identified. In addition, 439 health personnel have been affected.

In these fatalities, 87 were reported in the previous few days, while 374 were labelled as COVID-19 deaths after accepting appeals based on the Centre’s revised rules and Supreme Court directives. Meanwhile, 32,701 individuals recovered from the ailment on Sunday, bringing the state’s overall number of recoveries to 55, 74,535.

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