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Omicron total count reaches to 10,000 in India

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            In India, the number of Omicron cases has risen to 10,050 after 358 new cases were discovered in a single day. According to the government, there has been a 3.69% increase in Omicron cases since Friday. The novel variety was discovered in 29 states and union territories. Experts say it is impossible to sequence the genomes of every sample, but they emphasize that the present wave is predominantly driven by Omicron.

On Friday, daily Covid infections in Maharashtra, one of the worst-affected states by the Covid pandemic, increased by 2,073 to 48,270 new cases. There were 144 Omicron infections in all. The infection also claimed the lives of 52 individuals. On Friday, Delhi recorded 10,756 new Covid cases and 38 new fatalities from the virus, while the positive rate fell to 18.04 percent. So far in January, 434 individuals have died as a result of the sickness.

In the south, Tamil Nadu registered 28,561 new Covid cases on Thursday, bringing the state’s infection total to 30,42,796. Karnataka recorded 48,049 new cases of COVID-19 on Friday, with 22 fatalities, bringing the total to 34,25,002 and the death toll to 38,537. The overall number of active cases in the state has now risen to 3,23,143.

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