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North Korea Launches a Minimum of 10 Missiles

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missile launch

missile launch

According to #SouthKorea’s military, #NorthKorea fired at least 10 missiles on Wednesday. An air attack alert was issued for Ulleung Island, which is located east of South Korea’s main island. One of the missiles, according to Seoul’s authorities, came down barely 57 kilometres (35 miles) east of the nation’s shore.

Kang Shin-chul, director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, referred to the North Korean missile launch as “extremely rare and unacceptable” because it had, for the first time, come quite close to South Korean territorial seas south of the Northern Limit Line.

Pak Jong Chon, secretary of the Workers’ Party’s Central Committee in North Korea, requested that South Korea and the US stop their “frantic” and “provocative” wargames in the area in a statement earlier on Tuesday.

Pak used the initials of North Korea’s official name to say, “If the US and South Korea attempt to use armed forces against the DPRK without any fear, the special means of the DPRK’s armed forces will carry out their strategic mission without delay and the US and South Korea will have to face a terrible case and pay the most horrific price in history.”

It’s a “huge mistake,” he continued, “to consider this as a threat warning only.”

The White House rejected any attempt at provocation later on Tuesday.

Speaking on behalf of the National Security Council, Adrienne Watson said, “We have made plain that we have no hostile intent towards the DPRK and call on them to engage in meaningful and sustained negotiation.”

There are nuclear weapons present.

North Korea recently established rules permitting the use of nuclear weapons as a first resort, and some of its recent missile launches have featured dummy nuclear bombs.

A lecturer at Ewha University named Park Won-gon told the AFP news agency that the missile launches on Wednesday were rare.

As far as I’m aware, North Korea has never provoked this way during joint drills between South Korea and the US, he added. “It appears that Pyongyang has finished building its most potent deterrent. This poses a very real hazard. Additionally, the North appears to be confident in their nuclear power.”

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