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North Korea Issues Threat To US, S Korea, Twitter Calls Back Employees And More

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#North Korea, a belligerent nation, has issued a warning to the #US and #South Korea, referring to the military exercises as an “open provocation,” and threatening to retaliate with “sustained, relentless, and overwhelming” military force. In other news, Twitter is bringing back a number of wrongfully terminated workers.

The North Korean military has warned to retaliate to the recent US-South Korean military drills with “sustained, decisive, and overwhelming” military actions, calling them an “open provocation and deadly war drill.”  Elon Musk’s Twitter Inc. has reportedly gone out to hundreds of the sacked employees, requesting that they return to work, just two days after cutting roughly 50% of its workers.

Late Sunday night, Apple announced that COVID limits at the Foxconn-operated iPhone facility in China have “temporarily disrupted production” and that the firm anticipates fewer high-end iPhone 14 model shipments going forward.

The last countdown to the US midterm elections has begun, and as the race between the Democrats and the Republicans intensifies, Florida, a swing state, could prove decisive.

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