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North Korea is suspected of launching a ballistic missile off its east coast

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            SEOUL—North Korea launched a suspected ballistic missile off its east coast early Sunday morning, according to Tokyo and Seoul officials, resuming weapons testing after nearly a month of inactivity.

The solitary missile was launched from the Sunan area at 7:52 a.m. local time, according to Seoul’s military.

It went around 185 miles and reached a height of more than 370 miles before crashing into the oceans between Korea and Japan, according to Tokyo’s military.

Nobuo Kishi, Japan’s Defence Minister, condemned the North Korean test. “If their intention was to do this at an unprotected moment for the international community while it was responding to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”, Mr. Kishi added, “we definitely cannot condone this”.

In more than two years, the United States and North Korea have not conducted official nuclear discussions. Throughout the outbreak, Pyongyang has kept its borders firmly closed. Mr. Kim was present for the country’s self-proclaimed hypersonic technology’s last test. According to some security analysts, Pyongyang would have preferred to keep a low profile in order not to humiliate Beijing.

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