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Nord Stream Blasts were an Act of Sabotage, Swedish Lawyer Says

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Nord Stream Blasts

Nord Stream Blasts

The Nord Stream pipeline explosions in September were sabotaged, Swedish officials said on Friday. Parts of the pipeline that transports gas from Russia to Germany under the Baltic Sea were destroyed in the strikes.

“During the crime scene investigations that were carried out on-site in the Baltic Sea, extensive seizures were made, and the area has been carefully documented,” prosecutor Mats Ljungqvist who is leading the preliminary investigation said in a statement.

“Analysis that has now been carried out shows traces of explosives on several of the foreign objects that were found. Advanced analysis work continues in order to be able to draw firmer conclusions about the incident,” he added.

The statement further says that “the preliminary investigation is very complex and comprehensive” and that the work continues.

However, the publication did not name any suspects. Further commendations are made for the Swedish government’s cooperation with international investigators. The prosecutor will not be granting the media any additional access, it states at the end.

Large-scale pipeline breaks have resulted in a gas leak that was visible from the Baltic Sea’s surface. The scope of the devastation was made clear by an underwater video in October. The leak raised concerns about environmental damage and issued public health and safety warnings.

Later, the Russian defense ministry accused British navy troops of blowing up the pipelines without providing any supporting proof. All of these claims were slammed by London, which said the remarks were made to deflect attention away from Russian military failures in Ukraine.

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