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Noida Woman Fakes Death By Killing Mall Employee, The Dresses Corpse In Own Clothes, And Elopes 

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Noida Woman

Noida Woman

Greater #Noida police have nabbed a 22-year-old woman for allegedly killing a #mall employee. The accused, Payal Bhati, killed another woman and dressed the corpse in her own clothing to fake her own death. “Payal Bhati and her partner Ajay Thakur killed Chaudhary after befriending her as she had similar physical attributes to Bhati. They had also planted a purported suicide note in the name of Payal Bhati and made it appear like a case of suicide,” a police officer was quoted by the news agency PTI as saying.

The body was sent to Bhati’s family members, who burned it based on the suicide note. “My face is now burnt and I don’t want to live,” the note stated. According to the police, the accused took the girl to Bhati’s house where they killed her and altered her face to make it impossible to identify her. After dressing the corpse in her clothes to simulate her own death, Bhati is accused of eloping with her partner.

According to a preliminary investigation, Payal Bhati believed her brother’s in-laws were to blame for her parents’ suicide, which occurred roughly six months ago. When Payal’s father requested them to pay back a debt they had taken from him, the family began to harass him, which led to Payal’s father taking his own life. Payal arranged her own demise in order to accuse her family members of wrongdoing.

On the other hand, Payal’s grandfather asserted that she wanted to wed Ajay but held back out of concern for her family’s reaction. She then pretended to be dead in order to give the idea that she had died.

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