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No tax benefits for Tesla says Indian Govt

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            The government is questioning Tesla about its need for tax incentives in order to sell electric automobiles in Indian markets. However, the government observes that Tesla has shown little interest in establishing manufacturing facilities in the nation, which may result in the creation of thousands of jobs.

“We are unable to provide subsidies or tax breaks to the aforementioned firm since they do not wish to locate their manufacturing and other operations here. Why should we support a corporation that produces employment in China while profiting from our markets? Our Prime Minister has a vision for all such foreign companies: if you want to sell your product in our country, make it here”, In answer to a question from Shiv Sena member Vinayak Bhaurao Raut, Minister of State for Heavy Industries Krishna Pal Gujjar addressed the Lok Sabha.

Raut had inquired as to what type of tax relief the government intends to provide the electric vehicle behemoth in order for them to begin manufacturing in various states in the United States, as previously indicated. The minister informed the House that Tesla had expressed no interest in any of the government’s electric car plans.

“The aforementioned corporation has not engaged in any of our programs, indicating that Tesla intends to profit from our market but will not put-up production plants here. Thousands of employments will be generated in China if they build their electric automobiles there, rather than here in India for Indian youngsters”, he stated.

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