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No RT-PCR required for European vaccine holder said Greece

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            On March 1, Greece will open its doors to European Union nationals for the summer season. The country has relaxed travel restrictions and plans to achieve 4.5 percent economic growth this year. Covid19 tests are no longer required for European travellers with European vaccination passports before entering Greece.

“This year, our country is taking the required preliminary efforts to welcome our guests for the summer season sooner than ever before, beginning March 1”, Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias told Bloomberg.

According to Health Minister Athanasios Plevris, holders of a valid European Union vaccination certificate can now enter Greece without having to take the necessary Covid-19 test. The change will take effect on February 7.

According to Bloomberg, the country will receive more than 7.2 million tourists from January to November 2021. The government’s goal for 2022 is for the tourist industry to equal the record levels set in 2019, when earnings from visitors to the nation were more than 18 billion euros ($20.7 billion).

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