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No one force to vaccinate against their wish, tells Supreme court

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            The Centre notified the Supreme Court that COVID-19 immunization is of greater public interest because to the current pandemic scenario, but no one may be forced to get vaccinated against their will.

According to the Centre, the Union Health Ministry’s norms do not permit forceful vaccination without an individual’s permission.

The Central Government responded on a PIL requesting priority COVID-19 immunization for individuals with disabilities at their place of residence since they are at a higher risk of being impacted by COVID-19.

“The instructions and guidelines issued by the government of India and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare do not permit forceful vaccination without the agreement of the individual concerned. It is also argued that, given the current pandemic crisis, immunization for COVID-19 is of more public concern. All residents are urged, marketed, and communicated to be vaccinated through different print and social media channels, and procedures and processes have been established to enable this. No one, however, may be forced to get vaccinated against their will,” Centre claimed in his affidavit.

Concerning the subject of exempting those with disabilities from providing vaccination certificates, the Centre stated that it has not published any SOP that makes carrying the vaccination certificate essential for any purpose.

The Central Government notified the Supreme Court that a total of 23,678 doses were provided to handicapped people who voluntarily wanted to be identified as such by utilizing their Unique Disability ID Card/Disability Certificate for registration at the time of their vaccination.

In a letter dated September 22, 2021, the government of India instructed all states and union territories to use mobile vaccination teams to vaccinate bedridden or people with severely limited mobility or disability and/or special requirements, as well as their caretakers, at their place of residence.

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