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NFL: Vikings ‘SKOL’ Chant Goes ‘Viral’

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Given that Kirk Cousins is their quarterback, Vikings fans must be really passionate individuals (just a joke). When the Vikings play home, you’ll notice a lot of purple and gold, lots of fans dressed in Viking garb, and a very loud chant.

Despite the Vikings have one of the most passionate fan bases in the league and some of the best traditions, the skol cry isn’t as old as you may think. The terms “skal” in Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian are the origin of the word “skol.” A dish known as a “skal” was used by numerous persons and could store liquids. To mean “cheers,” it has mostly altered over time. Now, when the Vikings score, it is typically used as a celebration.

The Vikings have used “Skol” because it is a part of their fight song ever since the team was established as a franchise in 1961. The “Skol” chant didn’t begin until the Vikings moved to U.S. Bank Stadium in 2016, even though “Skol” has been a part of the team’s fight song since 1961. Before every game, the Vikings’ fans respond by clapping their hands and yelling “Skol!” whenever the combat drum is played. Additionally, the team chants “Skol” after each touchdown.

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