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Next Covid Strain Could Be Worse – Lab Report

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The virus evolved to become more pathogenic, indicating that a new variety will cause more disease than the already prevalent omicron strain, according to a South African lab study using #Covid-19 samples from an immunosuppressed person collected over a six-month period. This investigation was carried out in the same laboratory that used #HIV-positive patient samples to identify the first omicron strain, which was discovered to be resistant to vaccinations last year.

The virus caused the same levels to increase and resemble the original Covid-19 discovered in Wuhan, China, in six months. The #Covid-19 Pathogen can continue to change, and a new version may cause more severe sickness and fatality than the generally mild strains of omicron, according to Alex Sigal, the study’s lead author at the Africa Health Research Institute in the South African city of Durban.

The study, which is entirely based on laboratory work on a sample of one person, has not yet undergone peer review. Sigal and other researchers have earlier suggested that South African-first variations like beta and omicron may have developed in immunosuppressed individuals like HIV-positive individuals. The researchers added that their data, which were made public on November 24, supported their claims. It might suggest that a future variety might be more pathogenic than the Omicron strains that are now circulating.

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