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New Trailer Drops For Social Drama ‘Don’t Drink & Drive’

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Don't Drink & Drive

Don't Drink & Drive

The comedic short film “Don’t Drink & Drive,” which will air on Amazon miniTV, aims to amuse and make you laugh while including a timely and thought-provoking message. Don’t Drink & Drive, produced by Crew It Up in collaboration with On the Ball Productions, is helmed by Jai Sharma and written by Karan Tejpal. Popular actors Gagan Arora, Arjun Mathur, and Jitendra Joshi play key parts in the drama comedy.

Today, Amazon miniTV unveiled the launch date for the short film, November 10, along with the publication of the teaser. A young boy offering a ride to a hitchhiker who is stuck on the side of the road at an ungodly hour while intoxicated opens the trailer. As their journey gets underway, the two strangers start talking, but an unexpected turn lies ahead for them as the spoiled alcoholic tries to show off by driving his luxury automobile at speeds considerably beyond the speed limit.

“We’re glad to be working with Amazon miniTV for Don’t Drink & Drive, as the streaming service is known for providing some of the most engaging content. It’s simple, relatable, and very impactful. We all, at some point in our life, must have taken a lift from someone, but have we thought about the outcome? Don’t Drink & Drive will make viewers think about the same as it depicts the journey of two strangers who end up in hilariously unfathomable situations. We hope that viewers shower their love on this short film as they’ve always done.” said Jai Sharma, Producer & Director, of Crew It Up.

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