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New telescope finds dead suns colliding with each other :

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Modern day telescope

Modern day telescope

Scientists for the first time find the smashing together of dead suns known as neutron stars, appreciates to a powerful new telescope. The collisions of neutron stars are very important to know about, what is happening in the Universe.

They are thought, they are have created heavy metals that formed stars and planets billions of years ago.

 The Light from the crashes is only seen for a couple of nights so a telescope must be relocated them. Scientists observed but came across them by luck. The British-built Gravitational Wave Optical Observer spotted above the clouds on the Spanish island of La Palma will now systematically look for them.

La Palma said that looks good detection we came along on the hands of top to make most of it.

The neutron star is heavier than a small part of their weight around a billion tonnes, so this innovative telescope is used to see inside the star. it will be a clear view from the sky, and the telescope is situated on the mountain’s highest point.

When a neutron star is collapsing the sun looks like weight and the atoms crushing will look shine, so their gravity is strong than each other so they are attracted easily, so they crash and merge when this happens it looks like a flash of light which is very powerful and waves all over the universe.

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