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Netanyahu Begins Coalition Talks For Forming A Government In Israel

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Benjamin Netanyahu is preparing for a second term as Israel’s prime minister, 26 years after winning the position. The negotiations to create the government have begun after Netanyahu, often known as King Bibi, made an astounding comeback in the election. According to reports, after winning a clear majority in Israel’s sixth election in four years, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his right-hand man, Yariv Levin, the order to start negotiations with Religious Zionism and two ultra-Orthodox parties about portfolios.

According to reports, Netanyahu and his religious and ultranationalist partners are poised to build one of the most right-wing governments in history. Both Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotric are anticipated to be appointed to prominent ministry positions. With 32 seats, Netanyahu guided the Likud Party to become the dominant political force in the Knesset. The right religious coalition led by Netanyahu has 64 members in the 120-member Knesset when combined with his allies.

The nation’s continuous political unrest comes to an end with this election. After serving as the nation’s leader for 12 years, Netanyahu was removed from office last year. Israel’s current leader, Yair Lapid, expressed defeat and congratulations to Netanyahu earlier this week on Thursday. “Any political considerations come last compared to the state of Israel. For the benefit of the Israeli people and the nation of Israel, I wish Benjamin Netanyahu success.” In addition, according to a statement from his office, he “instructed his whole staff to plan an organized handover of power” after the results.

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