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Nepal Finds The Body Of A Renowned American Extreme Skier

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American Extreme Skier

American Extreme Skier

Nepal:  The body of a well-known American extreme skier who vanished this week after plunging from the eighth-highest peak in the world was found on Wednesday and brought to the capital of Nepal. On Monday, Hilaree Nelson, 49, went off Mount Manaslu while she and her partner, Jim Morrison, were skiing down from its 26,775-foot summit. Her remains were transported by helicopter to a Kathmandu hospital where pathologists were to conduct an autopsy.

After failing to find Nelson on Tuesday and Monday due to poor search conditions, rescuers using a helicopter found her remains on Wednesday. A Nepalese man was killed and three climbers were injured in an avalanche that occurred on the same mountain on Monday at a lower level. During the autumn climbing season in Nepal, hundreds of climbers and their local guides made an effort to reach the top. Extreme skiers Nelson from Telluride, Colorado, and Morrison from Tahoe, California, conquered Mount Lhotse in 2018, the fourth-highest peak in the world.

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