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NEET Controversy

NEET Controversy

The NEET exam was held on July 21 in Kerala the students faced some difficulties with the staff, one of the student’s parents filed a complaint against the staff, and this news becomes headlines that day, the parent said this issue affected mentally her daughter.

So after this issue again two teachers are charged with conducting the exam and the case is filed as harassment of students, the all suspects are taken to police custody.

The arrested staff said that we have to have daughters, we only tried to help said the college staff, the police reported that prof Priji Kurian and Shamnad are the two arrested in the controversial inspection.

Before 5persons were taken custody on Tuesday for allegedly forcing the students to remove their innerwear before the exam,

Three of them are arrested to conduct the exam by the national testing agency. after the incident, Kerala education minister Bindu asked to take severe action against them.

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