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Need To Produce Less Steel If We Want To Reach Zero Emissions: Research

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Zero Emissions

Zero Emissions

 Steel is one of the essential materials in the world, important to the cars we drive, the buildings we live in, and the infrastructure that allows us to get around. Steel also contributes 7 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Forty-five countries sold in 2021 to pursue near-zero-emission steel over the next decade. But how feasible is it to make the steel society with zero emissions?

In the study, Dr. Takuma Watari, an experimenter at the National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan, presently working with the University of Cambridge, argues that there is no silver bullet. He said current methods to cut carbon emissions underestimate how hard it will be to create CCS and hydrogen technologies and deploy them widely.

Dr. Watari states, “Zero-emission steel production is possible by 2050, but in limited quantity and quality compared to current total production. This is due to the limited availability of zero-emission compatible resources and downcycling practices of scrap steel.”

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