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Nayanthara Opened Up About “Casting Couch” On Her Early Career Times

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Casting Couch

Casting Couch

Nayanthara is an Indian Actress and Film Producer. Who plays a bold actress Role in Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu Films. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in the south Indian film Industries.

She currently opened up about her “Casting Couch” and “Favors” offered during her early career times when she went through something horrible, she revealed in a recent interview. 

Nayanthara revealed, If she wanted to get a Big Role in a Movie, she was asked for “favors.” She said that she ‘refused boldly’ as she believed that she would create her path in the Film Industry. She said that her journey was not easy and smooth. “There is so much that I have learned, so much that I have gone through, but it is all been nice. Whatever mistakes I have made, the good and bad phases (I have been through), everything is good now. It is all a learning experience. It is not easy to be in the industry for 18-19 years, but the audience and God have been kind to me. I feel blessed. I don’t know how to put the whole thing together (in words).”

“If you are honest to your craft, if you do your work well, it works. The audience connects with you; they fall in love with you, they celebrate you, which becomes the biggest joy of life,” she said.

Currently, she is working on the “Jawan” movie as it is her Debut Bollywood Film.

We have last seen her on screen in the movie ‘Connect.’

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