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NASA says 65-Foot Asteroid 2023 EZ Flies Toward Earth Today; Will it be Tight?

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Asteroid 2023 EZ

Asteroid 2023 EZ

What are the threats to planet Earth? Our planet is covered by many Near-Earth objects (NEO) in space that threatens the entire planet.

Asteroids fall in this category. This impact that an asteroid can have relies on its size and its acceleration, which give it tremendous destructive power; as per the latest particulars delivered by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory(JPL), a vast, 65-foot asteroid named 2023 EZ is racing towards Earth today, March 18. NASA has reported to us about the Asteroid 2023 EZ’s size, speed, and more. Here is all you require to know regarding this asteroid.

Currently, the size of Asteroid 2023 EZ concerned; it ranges between 16 and 35 meters in diameter. Though the asteroid is not giant, it can come too nearest to Earth for amenities. According to JPL, the asteroid will make its nearest technique is also moving at an astonishing speed of 23760 kilometers per hour.

The asteroid will depart from the planet if it keeps on traveling in the trajectory it is presently in without posing any threat. Though not all asteroids threaten the Earth, it is crucial for us to track them to find the ones that may be on a crash course with Earth.

NASA has deployed several Earth and sky-based technologies like telescopes and satellites to survey the asteroids and track their movement. Other than this 65-foot asteroid, several are approaching planet earth this week. One of the asteroids is a 44-foot rock named 2016 WH, which is zooming toward the planet tomorrow, March 19. According to NASA’s JPL, it will be closing Earth at a distance of 6.93 million kilometers.

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